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Phrozen Keylogger Lite is finally available.

If you are constantly wondering or worrying what happens on your computer when you’re away then from now on your problems are over. Afraid of the online predators that harass your children online and want to keep an eye on their online chat behavior  Wondering if your employees are not spending too much time on the internet and wasting your valuable time? Found some strange text messages on the phone of your spouse and are you now worrying about the fidelity of your spouse? Well, our software might be just the tool you need.

The Keylogger is divided in three distinct parts: the Lite version (FREE) the professional version and the Ultimate version  The Lite version contain the keylogger program only, the professional version is the Lite version with blacklisting and synchronization in more (plus some other extra functions). The Ultimate version comes with extra surveillance functions (such as Webcam and Desktop surveillance).

What is Phrozen Keylogger Lite ?

Phrozen Keylogger Lite is a powerful and user friendly keylogger especially created for Microsoft Windows systems. Phrozen Keylogger Lite is compatible with all currently supported versions of Windows, which effectively means Windows XP to the recently released Windows 8.

Phrozen Keylogger Lite has been especially created to capture all keystrokes from any type of keyboard (PS/2, USB and even Virtual Keyboards). The captured keystrokes are stored into a local database. There they are sorted by their process name and the active window into a log.

Phrozen Keylogger Lite is running silently in background. When the program is successfully installed on a computer, it will capture all keystrokes fully stealthily and the program will remain hidden from every user. It will not slow down the computer it is installed on.

If you want to consult the logs of the current day or previous days just press the so-called “Magic Shortcut” and enter your personal password and the logs will be made visible in a new window. You can easily manage, export, delete, mark as important, mail, etc. these logs.

Phrozen Keylogger Lite also gives you the possibility to manage black listed words. When such a word is entered via keystrokes you will immediately be sent a mail which contains the entire context in which that ‘black listed word’ appears. This is a very useful feature: suppose you have forbidden your son to go to a specific gambling site and he does go there against your wishes, you then immediately get a mail that warns you of this transgression.

What could he do ?

  • Phrozen Keylogger is able to capture all keystrokes on your keyboard. When you hit a key, Phrozen Keylogger will intercept every keystroke, even symbols and extra combination characters, like Ctlr-Alt-5 (which results in the € sign). Even when you type very quickly, no keystroke will get lost. Furthermore, it also supports Unicode characters, which means that, even if you are writing in – for example – Chinese or Russian, Phrozen Keylogger will be able to intercept the keys you hit. Note: Even virtual keyboards are successfully captured by Phrozen Keylogger. So, if you are using a Windows 8 tablet, Phrozen Keylogger will still work perfectly.
  • When you have installed Phrozen Keylogger, there’s nothing that signals the user that his computer is being monitored. It won’t slow the computer down, it gives no random popup messages, etc. It behaves like a virtual ghost in the machine. Note: No shortcuts are created and Phrozen Keylogger only uses a ‘Magic Key’ that you can use to reveal the Administrative Panel in order to check the logs.
  • When you want to know all keyboards events of the monitored computer, simply press the magic key to reveal the user-friendly Administration Panel (AP). With this AP you can easily change the settings of Phrozen Keylogger or efficiently consult all keyboard events. All logs can be read, printed, deleted, put in favorites etc. You can also export any log to read it at a time and place of your own choosing.
  • To ensure the privacy of our user, all logs are stored in a single local database and strongly encrypted. Only the administrator is be able to read them, using his secret password. Even – in the extremely unlikely situation – if the database is discovered, it will still be virtually impossible to extract the logs history.
  • Logs are intelligently stored in a local database. When encrypted by the administrator, they are sorted by year, month, day and hour. That means that the administrator can easily scan these logs and immediately understand the date and time the monitored computer was actively used. Note: Phrozen Keylogger allows you to effective filter the logs, which means you quickly find the process or word you are interested in.

Finally few screenshots of the program 









  • De4su

    TY :*

  • Nixing

    Thank you!

  • أحہٰمہٰہٰد كہٰہٰہٰفہٰہٰہٰہٰري


  • Adam Bae

    Wow… thank you.. it’s really amazing

  • Hozey Zachary

    you know this sure will help users alot when doing something important like typing letters and whatnot if the apps crashed just retrieve the logfile and voila! but im curious what happens if the power went out will the log be saved automatically?

    • romy

      i opened my desktop after a long time and forgot how to access the application. i forgot the short keys that pop it up. can someone help please.I am pretty sure i set the default option

  • kurman

    Where i can see a tutorial ?

  • RT

    Does it support email/ftp sending feature? It is great if it can send the log to my email by schedule.

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      Yes it support this feature but only for Pro or Ultimate version.

  • Love

    Is it possible to deploy or install on my computers remotely

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      Physically only

      • Love

        I want remote deploy, do you have this feature in the ultimate? Thanks

        • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

          What do you mean by remote deploy ? something like you generate a stub with your settings and send it ? when some one execute the stub it will silently install the application ? if this is your request then the answer is no. PhrozenSoft only publish some legal software not malware.

          • Lovey Dovey

            If I want to learn to code like you what language should I start with? Is visual basic ok.

            Please sorry to bother you, I am just curious and I want to know how to make these things

          • Akash Sharma

            Start with python….It is easy….So you get basics of programming….
            LESUEUR Jean-Pierre uses Delphi and i think ASM also…

          • lovey dovey


          • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

            All language is fine, the only difference is how you appreciate it, for example I love the Pascal , C++ and Assembly (For WIN32 APP) but I don’t like Visual Basic, some other people enjoy coding in VB and not C++ etc… choose the most comfortable language for you. And of course some language give you more or less possibilities but they can mostly do the same things.

          • Akash Sharma

            I also hate Visual Basic…
            I love PHP, Java and I also know Python simplest language i have ever known.With python you can do anything…

  • Damian

    I have a question:
    how we ensure that information is not sent to a third party?

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      We have no point for doing such things, you can setup a Virtual Machine, install it then use any kind of Network monitor tool to check if the program communicate with any remote server (the pro and ultimate does only to send emails and check for updates) but the lite version is absolutely offline.

      Also Softpedia security team approve this program to be 100% Clean (Award).

      If you need further information feel free to use our Forum.

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  • jms

    Well my anti-virus block this?

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      What Antivirus please

      • jms

        Nortin Internet security/COMODO/Microsoft Security Essential

        Are the one’s i was trying out.

      • Mahesh


      • Sean


  • lisa logsdan

    Will AVG 2013 catch this program. Also does it record websites visited?

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      It records any websites and normally AVG should not catch it, If yes please report us this issue we will contact AVG.

  • zaxkk

    can i crypt tis program using any crypter?

  • Parigyan Tamuly

    How do i remove it ?

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      You to log first on the Keylogger, then in Settings click on Uninstall.

  • ccs

    Why open Process.Explor software, will display pkllagent.exe program
    He can not be hidden right?

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      This program isn’t built with rootkit like — A such function should be available in a future version.

  • David B

    Hello Jean P in the pro or ultimate version the program is hidden? I use ccleaner and this program can see the process maybe because is the free version

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      As I said not yet, it should be done in a future release only.

  • John

    the lite version wont send logs to email, but does the pro or ultimate send to email?

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      Yes when a special word is detected (you can manage your own word list of course) then you are not spammed with unwanted mails. — In a future version you could also decide to send each logs via mail.

  • jsilva69

    My daughter found the program and deleted everything in the folder. can I still access the old logs if I reinstall with the same password? Thx

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      Check in the %APPDATA%/PhrozenSoft/PKLL/* — If you can see the database file (.db) then you still can watch for the logs. If not you can try the Recuva software to recover some of the deleted files or wait for the future Pro version with web panel sync admin support.

  • David B

    Hello Jean-Pierre. Phrozen Keylogger Lite 1.0 R2 ? is it a new beta version?

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      No it is a final release.

  • Mathias

    Hello Jean Pierre i would like to know if phrozen keylogger consumes low or medium at memory . i have a picture and i think is medium or it depends on the system

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      This is normal, it doesn’t consume that much memory for a such complete application.

      • Mathias


  • pappy

    please does the keylogger report to email instantly

  • cheese

    when i go to open the start up file it just vanishes..plz help :/

  • Duke

    I did not record keystokes in my newly installed windows 8 but worked perfect on windows 7. Can you fix it? is it normal?

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre


      Could you please give me the full Windows version where the issue occurs.

      Thanks in advance

      • Duke

        I currently use Windows 8 pro. 32 bit. Here’s the problem..on windows 7, it records all keystrokes including backspace, enter, delete, etc…but on windows 8, hardly does it even store all records nor logins to social sites. It is a great program and i love. Just sad to see that i can’t use it

        • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

          I just test on Windows 8 Pro, It record perfectly key strokes, you probably have something which enter in conflict with the Keylogger, Antivirus / Anti-Keylogger ?

          • Duke

            I don’t think there is any program inteferring with it. However, it does not record all the keystrokes anymore like it was with Win7. Any tips??

          • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

            Could you send us a mail at or with Teamviewer ID / Pwd token, then we would be able to see what happens. Thank you in advance !

          • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

            Problem fixed in version 1.0 R3, you can download it from


  • Duke

    Thank you guys for fixing the bug/patch which prevented phrozen keylogger from recording keystrokes on my computer running Windows 8. Also, thanks for your patience with me and also for the remote assistance. You guys are awesome

    • LESUEUR Jean-Pierre

      It was a pleasure ! :)

  • Mihir

    how to do remote installation…on other PC…or to bind with other files to HIDE…

    • Wayne Padgett

      Some keyloggers remote installation can be illegal especially if you monitor someone elses computer without their permission. Even if it’s your child if they are 18 remote monitoring their PC without permission can result in lawsuits if they choose to file charges as they are adults. In certain cases remote monitoring are illegal but not all. It can be used illegally to steal credit card information and such if you manage to remote install it on someone else computer. All Antivirus’s will detect the remote install as Malware after all it is a keylogger/malware. You have to create a rule in your Antivirus to not detect or scan the keylogger during installation to prevent it from being detected and removed. Spying on soemone’s activitey online or all forms of such activity that could reveal personal information can get you into serous trouble if they find out. I knew a friend that did that to his wife to see if she was cheating on him she found out and sued him and now they are divorced. The court ruled in her favor because credit card information was also recorded. If you do find and use a remote monitoring system make sure you use it wisely and not maliciously or you could get time, because you wont be any different than anyone that uses such programs to install keyloggers into your machine “criminals”. Trojans can record keystrokes and steal personal information or even download and install more malware to damage your system. You can use it to see what your child “minor is doing online but be careful when monitoring the wife without her permission or a friend or anyone in general Spying can be illegal. You can use it to monitor your PC and all activity because it’s yours no matter who uses it and a minor’s PC (child), but i wouldn’t monitor an adults PC without their permission. There are bylaws on use of such programs for remote monitoring.

  • Dave

    What do I need to DO, …. so that the other User Profiles on my computer are also monitored. ((Will I need to set it up 3 times, for three User Profiles.??)) How does that all work. – I’m more concerned about my 2 boys activity, than my own. – David

  • Igor

    my problem is: when i log in to facebook, sometimes the keylogger writes my password but sometimes not. what can be the problem?

  • Johnny

    LESUEUR Jean-Pierre is there any way to retrieve the password. I set it up on one of my old computers and I can’t remember the password to activate the program after pressing the magic key. Could you help me with that please? Thank you so much!

  • Concernedparent

    Good day folks,
    I have a simple question, can I schedule the application to run during certain times? For example, overnight between 10 PM and 7 AM?

  • Matic Ilc

    can I spy on anyone maybe on my friend and how to do this do I send him any file or somethink

  • Mike

    I have a bit of a problem, I tried the revoke access to the task manager option and I was locked out of my task manager. I’ve tried rebooting but it still won’t give me access. (Note: I disabled the option). I also have tried closing the application completely but it didn’t work. Any tips? Thanks.

  • Drndupka

    I forgot my password can i recover it?

  • KingStone

    ESET Disconect, cannot download :(

  • kwstas

    guys..i need an answer..i cant writes :password
    cause my father had downloaded a few years ago and now i need it ..please tell me what to do

  • Curious

    how do i stop the keylogger from opening on start-up?

  • N1

    Does this keylogger recongizes russian?Reply to me on Gmail.

  • Nacho

    Hi! I need to recover my acct password, is there any way to do it?

  • ss

    Dear Sir,

    after installing this software, i close all things and restarted my computer. after that i click on the Phrozen Keylogger Lite shortcut made on my desktop. it is not opened…again i did same. but it is not opened….pls tell me solution…

  • ss

    can i get the data stored in kelyogger day by day through email

  • oni

    how can i stop it from recording my key strokes all the time?

    • Lo

      kill the process associated with Phrozen Keylogger lite, but I’m not sure on the security of this app so do some tests.

  • Wilson

    Downloaded the Lite version and was happy with it at first, but now I find that it keeps stopping capture of keylogger. It will work fine for part of the day, then later, I will test it, check the logs and it stops recording they keys hit. The only way to get it to start working again is to do a restart. What could be the problem? I’m running Windows 7.

  • Glen

    Why does the program keep stop working? works fine for an hour or so, then I will check the logs and it just stops capturing. I have to do a restart to get it working again each time.

  • romy

    i opened my desktop after a long time and forgot how to access the
    application. i forgot the short keys/hot key that pop it up. can someone help
    please.I am pretty sure i set the default option

    • MasterHacker98


  • MasterHacker98

    Is there any way to view the data logs from another computer?
    i saw that in Network Settings it allows you to connect through a proxy. Not sure if that will help. if yes, i dont know how to set it up

  • alnnasr

    hello Jean-Pierre i would like to write about the program in my blog for arabic users but i found it didn’t support the arabic language can you fix it?