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Phrozen DropBox Torrent is a tiny tool which uses the power of the well known Cloud Hosting service DropBox to bypass some restriction in some countries, campusses or companies.

Basically it will grab any dropped torrent file (inside the DropBox path) and automatically start the downloading process from the computer where you installed the freeware.

For example, you could install Phrozen Dropbox Torrent at home, then when you are at work searching (and finding) for something which only exist as a torrent but you then run into problems because your internet may restricted and, as a consequence, you are unable to download that torrent. With Phrozen DropBox Torrent you simply download the torrent file, drop the torrent file in one of the DropBox synchronized paths and then wait few seconds. When the torrent disappears from the DropBox context, it means the download has started from the computer where Phrozen DropBox Torrent is installed.

Note: This is only the very beginning of the project and this project could grow in something much more powerful which not only downloads torrents but will have other interesting features as well (Phrozen DropBox Utilities).

It doesn’t require any torrent client. We use a free torrent downloader called Aria (console), which is very efficient.

Below are a few screens of the program





Some notes about the Settings Window:

- Device Name is not yet used in the program but could be useful for a future version;
- DropBox Path is only here as an information;
- Logs Count is the number of logs you want to load at program start-up (previous downloaded files and/or errors);
Async Work is the number of task done at the same time, the default value is 20 which means the program will not download more than 20 torrent at the same time.

Youtube tutorial / demonstration video: